Carmen Maria Montiel – Republican for TX CD – 18

“A Fighter & A Winner”

A Real Republican For United States Congress CD 18


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About Carmen

Born in Venezuela, Carmen became a Texan by choice, migrating to the United States 33 years ago. For more than 20 years, she helped develop and grow a family-owned medical practice in Houston where she started her family.
As a Venezuelan, Carmen was taught from childhood to place faith and family above all, and to cherish the God-given liberty and opportunity we enjoy as Americans. She has instilled these same values into her three children.
Sadly, Carmen witnessed first-hand that the country where she was born become squandered by left-wing political leaders who have dismantled society with corruption, communism, and liberalism. Once a regional economic power built on a culture of family values, Venezuela fell to the false promises of socialism.

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