Carmen Maria Montiel – Republican for TX CD – 18



Secure Our Borders

Millions are  invading  America via our southern border. Leftist politicians encourage it. Others talk . . .  but do nothing.  I will introduce or support laws to:

  • Finish the border wall and if necessary militarize the border until we do.
  • Re-establish the rule of law and penalize those who gain from the invasion.
  • Protect American jobs, workers, and families through verifying nationality.
  • Defund so-called sanctuary cities, which are actually magnets for invaders.
  • Designate border cartels as terrorist organizations to unleash a greater response.
  • Protect elections through anti-voter fraud measures and banning voting by non-citizens.
  • Prevent the Left and “do nothing” establishment elites from creating a government-dependent underclass to fashion a socialist America.
Fight CRT Education

Congress should not  force  taxpayers to fund   Marxist indoctrination  of their own children, military, and government workers. I will introduce or support laws to:

  • Launch the REAGAN INITIATIVE FOR PATRIOTIC EDUCATION (RIPE) to promote the true history of America based on President Reagan’s principles stated in his 1989 Farewell Address.
  • Encourage education that examines American history and civics in a balanced way that upholds the virtues of the founding principles of our nation.
  • Eliminate federal educational funds to any state or locality that directly or indirectly funds the subversive principles of Critical Race Theory.
  • End federal grants to any university, college, or individual promoting anti-American CRT principles.
  • End any CRT-based training or requirements in any federal department or contract.
  • Affirm MLK’s focus on individual character, not group status.
  • Abolish the Department of Justice harassment of parents attending school board meetings
End Human Trafficking
Prosecute Domestic Violence
Restore American Values
Restore American Values
America First Polices
America First Polices

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